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We specialise in getting you the information you need to target your customers successfully on popular social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin.

Imagine opening up your business to a whole new market of potential customers.

Getting them to see your business, products, news and events. Furthermore, when people are looking for businesses & services here in Marbella, one of the first things people do is hit Facebook & Twitter and ask others which people or companies offer those services and what their reputation is like. Most importantly you need to respond to those enquiries quickly.

This is where we can really help to make a positive impact for you! We can open the floodgates for you. Within the first week you will start to see more enquiries and as a direct result you will see an increase in sales. Why waste money on full page adverts in local papers that never deliver the results they promise. Start with one of our packages and start to see the potential that social media advertising with purplemarks can achieve.

Social Media Opening Doors


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